Marathon Recovery

Nov 06, 2022
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Congratulations to all the NYC marathon runners on this huge accomplishment. You guys slay and your feet might feel like someone slayed them. Luckily we have a few tips on post marathon foot recovery...


  • Tip # 1: Keep Moving. After you cross the finish line is it tempting to want to collapse in a puddle of sweat. However studies have shown that continuing to walk and “cool down” is very beneficial for recovery as it will rid your muscles of lactic acid more efficiently and allow for quicker recovery. 
  • Tip # 2: Don’t Binge. Have a snack after the run and save your celebratory meal for the evening when your body has returned to its normal state and you can better metabolize it. 
  • Tip # 3: RICE
    • Rest. After the marathon it’s vital to take some time off to allow your body to recover. Epsom salt and warm water soaks are an excellent way to help soothe angry joints and muscle microtrauma. Magnesium has been shown to help with muscle regeneration and synthesis. 
    • Ice. Icing overused muscles will help reduce the swelling and inflammation which you’ll have a lot of after running for 26.2 miles.
    • Compresssion: Compression stockings will allow lymphatic drainage and vascular recovery helping to prevent any long term adverse effects. These are God’s gift to runners. 
    • Elevation: Put those feet up on the wall. 90 degrees of elevation will allow all the swelling that’s in your feet to drainage back into the rest of your body where it belongs. 
  • Tip # 4: Come see us. After hours of intense pounding of the pavement you are likely to see typical running injuries such as blistering, bleeding under the toenails, loose toenails, stress fractures and tendon pain. These should not go untreated. You’ve asked a lot of your body and now it’s time to thank it by treating it well. Coming in for an office visit can provide immediate relief to many of these issues. 

Running a marathon is an accomplishment that not many people can claim. The adrenaline is an addiction like no other. If you want to continue chasing that runner's high you need to treat those feet right by scheduling an appointment today.