What Podiatrists Look for in Winter Boots

Dec 28, 2022
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What makes a snow boot good? Here are some key features we look for when we hit the shoe department for our own boots.
Winter is upon us and the holiday's are in full swing here in NYC. Everyone is flooding the stores searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Here at AIRE Podiatry Studio we think a good snow boot is a great gift idea! What makes a snow boot good? There are some key features we look for when we hit the shoe department for our own boots.
1. Waterproof: there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant. You want boots that won't allow any moisture to seep in. Having wet feet all day is not only uncomfortable but provides a breeding ground for infection. Skin can break down and become painful if allowed to be wet for an extended period of time. This can cause microorganisms like fungus or bacteria to invade your body causing pain or illness.
2. Slip-proof: the scariest part of wet weather is slipping and falling. The tread on snowboots is one of the most important aspects protective aspects of boot design. Smooth bottom boots are an ankle fracture in the making. When looking at tread you should check for wide rubber teeth that will help give you traction on uneven surfaces where ice might be lurking.
3. Well-fitted shoe: ensuring that your boot is the proper size is a huge safety feature. It will allow your foot to stay securely in your boot without much internal slipping which can lead to instability. Laces should be securely tied and the toe box should allow for your toe to splay comfortably with shifting.
Winter is a magical time of year and a nice pair of Winter boots will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the season without any dangerous slips and falls. Warm, healthy feet are always the goal around the Studio and these tips will help keep your feet in tip top shape for Santa this season.