Fall is just around the corner and as the leaves change, so does our footwear. Boot season is upon us and while we love a good boot, our feet don’t necessarily feel the same way. The transition from the freedom of summer sandals into the more restrictive toe box of a boot can cause foot pain. When looking for new boots we recommend:

  • A rounded toe to avoid toe constriction

  • Lower heel to avoid shortening of the Achilles tendon and excessive pressure on the forefoot

  • A wide enough shaft to allow for movement of your calf muscle

  • Buy the proper size. You should have enough room for your toes to comfortably fit but not enough that your foot slides around

  • Get the proper width to prevent worsening or formation of a bunion or tailor’s bunion

Most daily boots have a tighter toe box; over time, toe constriction can lead to conditions such as:

  • hammertoes

  • corns

  • neuromas 

  • metatarsalgia

  • bunions and tailor’s bunions

Each one of these painful conditions can cause long term problems that can plague you from season to season. If you have experienced any of these during previous fall/winter seasons then it is worth it to get it checked out to help prevent pain and let you live out your apple picking fall dreams in comfort. The key is to catch these issues early and understand why they’re happening so that you’re able to treat it with the best options available. At AIRE we provide an array of treatment options to have you feeling fall fabulous, and no matter what option you choose you can trust that we will be providing you with the most cutting edge technology. Reach out to us if you want to put your best boot forward this fall.