Micro Drill for Fungal Nail

Microdrill is a revolutionary treatment that creates a delivery system for the medication to go directly to the nail bed where the fungus lives rather than simply sit on top of the nail plate.

  1. Painless Treatment:
    Unlike some traditional treatments that can be painful, the Micro Drill offers a virtually pain-free experience. You’ll barely feel a thing, making it an ideal choice for those who may be sensitive to discomfort.
  2. Speedy Results:
    With the Micro Drill, treatment time is usually cut in half. Regain your confidence and enjoy healthy-looking nails faster!
  3. Safe and Hygienic:
    We prioritize your safety and hygiene. The Micro Drill is made from medical-grade materials and is sterilized for your protection to ensure the utmost cleanliness during each treatment.
  4. Effective Treatment:
    Fungus lives between the nail and the skin on your nail bed. Your nail is made of keratin which is hard for most medications to penetrate. By creating channels in the nail, the medication can reach the fungus with ease and begin killing off the infection.

Your microdrill treatment consist of:

Your podiatrist will first perform a complete evaluation of your nail to determine if microdrill is the right treatment for you.

Next your podiatrist will use the microdrill system to perform the procedure and create channels in your nail for the medication to reach the fungus.
Topical treatment: Topical antifungal treatment is then applied to the nail and, without the nail acting as a barrier to treatment, the medication is delivered directly to the site of infection.

The results are a speedy treatment that restores your nail health while avoiding the potentially serious side effects of oral antifungal treatments. Don’t let toenail fungus hold you back any longer! Take control of your foot health with Micro Drill and enjoy beautiful, healthy nails once again. Come see us to get started on your journey to healthy nails!