Gait Analysis

The first step in gait analysis is data collection which uses gait analysis technology to capture information about how you move through the gait cycle, foot typing to determine your arch profile, followed by motion evaluation which collects information about timing and coordination. Once the data is collected, your doctor assesses the results to build a complete gait profile. They will then discuss with you the results and the recommendations.

Gait analysis is a favorite service for runners because it helps prevent injuries by addressing maladaptive movement patterns before they cause injuries. By identifying abnormal biomechanics, issues can be corrected via exercise, shoe adjustments, or orthotics. Improving running form can help runners be more efficient and correct issues like overpronation or incorrect posture. All feet are different and require different different shoes to perform at their best. By analyzing the patient’s strike pattern and arch type, specific shoe recommendations can be given that will best support the patient’s needs.

Once a patient’s gait is optimized it can lead to improved performance, prevent injuries, and aid in faster rehab of any existing injuries. In some instances, custom orthotics may be recommended. Here at AIRE Podiatry we offer sport specific orthotics that are designed with to aid your foot in moving through the motions that are required of your sport.

Gait analysis is a valuable tool for runners of all levels, from recreational runners to elite marathoners. It helps identify and address potential issues, leading to improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and a better understanding of one’s unique biomechanics. If you are a runner, schedule a consult with one of our trained podiatrists to see if gait analysis will benefit you.