X-ray Services

Did you know we offer x-ray on site? Having an X-ray performed in a doctor’s office offers several benefits in terms of diagnosing and managing medical conditions. Some important benefits of having on site X-rays are:

1. Diagnostic Tool:
X-rays provide valuable diagnostic information to help us identify and understand the underlying cause of your pain. They allow us to visualize your bones and detect fractures, dislocations, or bone diseases.

2. Quick and Efficient:
X-ray’s only a few minutes to capture and allow your doctor to promptly assess the patient’s condition and make timely treatment decisions. For some conditions, faster you receive treatment, the better your long term outcome will be.

3. Non-Invasive:
X-rays are non-invasive, meaning they do not require surgical procedures or the insertion of instruments into the body. This makes them a safer and less painful option for diagnosing certain conditions compared to invasive methods like exploratory surgery.

4. Painless:
Patients generally do not experience pain during an X-ray procedure. They may need to hold still in a specific position for a short time, but the process is usually comfortable.

5. Monitoring Progress:
X-rays are valuable for tracking the progress of certain conditions or injuries over time. This helps healthcare providers assess the effectiveness of treatment and make necessary adjustments.

6. Planning Surgery or Treatment:
X-rays can aid surgeons in planning surgeries by providing detailed images of bones and joints. They can also assist in the placement of medical implants, such as pins, screws, or joint prosthetics.

7. Precise Diagnosis:
X-rays can help doctors make more accurate and targeted diagnoses, allowing for better-informed treatment decisions. This can lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced unnecessary medical interventions.

Offering x-ray on site is an important part of expediting your treatment so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. If you have an injury and you suspect an x-ray is needed make an appointment right away.